Friday, July 22, 2011

Cupiditas Fossor

Well, debt ceiling talks collapsed once again. It seems that, more than ever, Democraps and Republicunts just can't seem to agree to the extent of how much they should screw over Americans. And in the meantime, they're treating the public to the most amazing revisionist history I've seen since Orwell's 1984.

Friday, Speaker of the House John Boehner ('cunt from Ohio) sent out a letter to other House members and staff. In the very first paragraph, Boehner writes,
"Dear Colleague, Our economy is not creating enough jobs, and the policies coming out of Washington are a big reason why. Because of Washington, we have a tax code that is stifling job creation. Because of Washington, we have a debt crisis that is sowing uncertainty and sapping the confidence of small businesses. Because of Washington, our children are financing a government spending binge that is jeopardizing their future."(excerpted from
I gotta say, the 'cunts in Congress have mighty big balls! Everything that Boehner said is true, but what he left out was that the policies, tax code, and debt crisis coming out of Washington originated in Prezzy Bush Jr's time in the Oval Office. Boehner's trying to paint Obama and the other 'craps as the ones causing all the trouble, and rather than blast his fantasy to pieces with a couple of archived stories, mainstream media sell the fantasy as New History.
The 'craps in Congress have done nothing to point this out.  They're a bunch of timid little sheep, waiting for the Obama Fairy to wave his cigarette wand and make it all better. And in the meantime, the fucking fools legitimize the 'cunt fantasy by negotiating budget deals based on the premise that the fantasy might be true.  So they lay lower- and middle-class life preservers on the chopping block and try to get the 'cunts to promise not to chop off too much.

At this point, the 'craps have two choices to save face and help the country recover from madness the 'cunts will inflict on this country when Congress either caves in to their demands, or refuses and the country defaults on its debt:
1. Hari Kari. They should admit their failure to the American people and fall on their swords. Honorable suicide would be better than the simpering self-strangulation they are inflicting themselves at this point.
2. Deny the Fantasy and actually fix the History. The 'craps need to present, in complete unison and agreement, an accurate timeline of how America got into this financial mess and then reverse the bad decisions that created the problems.

The "debt crisis" Boehner wrote of stems from the unprecedented number of armed conflicts by America with nations primarily in the Middle East and the Bush Era tax cuts. The bank bailouts by the Obama Administration contributed to the debt crisis, but they were a reaction the "policies" Boehner mentioned.
Those policies consisted of a systematic weakening of laws and regulations for banks that allowed them to consolidate wealth and sketchy investment practices stretching back to the Reagan years. The recession didn't happen because a Democrap was elected president. THE RECESSION DIDN'T HAPPEN BECAUSE A DEMOCRAP WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT. We're talking 30 years of bad policy where a democrap was in charge for less than half the time.
The "tax code" that Boehner mentions is also the product of 30 years of gradual favoring of the wealthy and/or powerful.

You want to balance the budget? Here's how:
1. End the armed conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, et al.
1a. You could also close the hundreds of Cold War era military bases established in Germany, Japan, and surrounding Russia.
2. Repeal or revise the Bush era tax cuts. This could (and should) include adding a tax bracket or two for the insanely wealthy.
3. Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Banking Act of 1933 and break up the banks. There is a reason that combining investment banks with savings and loan banks contributed to both the Great Depression and Great Recession.
4. You want to mess with Medicare and Medicaid? Fine. Raise the FICA cap to above $105,000 for starters. Then start crafting policies to lower the cost of health care in America. The reason we spend so much on Medicare in America is because health care in America is so expensive. Rather than cut the program that (literally) keeps many Americans alive, work on cutting the costs the program is paying for. Duh.
5. There is no need to touch Social Security.

When Bush Jr. took office in 2000, America had a budget surplus, remember? It took only nine months to turn that into the largest deficit in American history up until that point. When Bush Jr. took office in 2000, the economy was booming, remember? If the regulatory agencies had only done the job they get paid to do, they would have noticed and fixed the bubble inflations that so wrecked the economy.
This is not to say that all the blame should be layed at the feet of the 'cunts. 'Craps definitely contributed their fair share of bad decisions to the problem.
But the ideological posturing of Boehner, Cantor, Bachmann, McConnell, and all the other 'cunts is revolting and hypocritical.