Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nocens Via

Congratulations, America! We're fucked!

And not proper fucked, in a way we might enjoy it.

Jobs are disappearing, consumer spending is down, consumer borrowing is down, consumer confidence is down and the government still thinks that propping up Wall Street is going to fix everything. Wrong. A person worried about feeding his kids isn't thinking about investments, he's thinking about his kids. The states are on the verge of bankruptcy, and the Fed gives them no help. Banks are losing profits? Well, here's $11 trillion to help ya. Is this the plan? Ensuring corporate health over citizen well-being? Mike Whitney thinks so.
"Intransigence is a political decision. By the November midterms, the economy will be contracting again, unemployment will be edging higher, and the slowdown will be visible everywhere in terms of excess capacity. The Obama economic plan will be repudiated as a bust and the Dems will be swept from office. The bankers will get the political gridlock they desire. Bernanke knows this." (7/29. Trillions for Wall Street)

And hey! Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling on the Citizens United case, corporations can support candidates too, just like any other citizen. It's like our government is making a concerted effort to replace the citizen voice and vote with a corporate one. Isn't that fantastic!

In other news, it turns out all the people who said "war is bad" were right. WikiLeaks released the American war diary for the past six years, which details exactly how bad the situation is within its 92,000 pages of raw field reports.
Are you starting to forget why we're over there in the first place? Don't worry, so are the people in charge. But it's cool. We just need to cut funding to a few more schools, a few more local governments, tighten our belts just a little more so the government can dump a few more trillion dollars into the paper (and personnel) shredder called the American War Machine.
It's a good thing the majority of Americans support these wars. What's that? They don't? Fuck em! The government only listens to corporations now anyway.

If only there was some way in the next few months to let the government know its citizens demanded to be listened to and receive the same (if not more) care and devotion that corporations and the military-industrial complex received.
If only we had the power to examine the people who claim to represent us and throw them out on their butts if we determined they in fact were not representing us. What would we call this magical system?
I got it! Voting. Let's call it "voting".

Okay, so we got "voting" in place. Great. Now we just need to kick out of office every senator and representative that supports propping up Wall Street over helping consumers and supports killing foreign people over educating their own.

Crap, we ran into a problem. This would require people to vote outside party lines. Why should we vote with our own convictions when there are people in charge who will happily tell us who and what to vote for? Educating ourselves on such boring subjects as "issues" and "taxes" and "voting records" is so tedious. We are so much better off just trusting in whatever political party we happen to agree with and vote straight down the ticket.
I mean, they wouldn't lie to us, right? They wouldn't misrepresent the interests of their constituents, right? Right?