Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tria Populus

So I voted yesterday. I voted my conscience, so I voted for Nader.
Don't gimme any of that waste your vote crap, the only vote you waste is the one you don't cast.
Frankly, more people like Nader are exactly what this country needs. The two party system of government is failing, and just like how we have three branches of government (even though they aren't very good at that whole checks and balances thing) a third major political party will help stop the bickering. Ideally, anyway.

The big problem, though, is the major players are scared of a third major party. It would upset the system they've so cunningly crafted: mainly, being able to ignore their constituents.
Why are debates and townhall meetings limited to just the democratic and republican candidate? Why does the media ignore every other candidate?

The system needs defibrillation, and a third major political party may be exactly the shock we need.
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